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So what? Why should I care about your life if it doesn’t have to do with mine? To be real, you don’t have a clue on how bad it can get. As their world falls apart, the teens from Hancock High find that truth is not always clear. Will they be ready to accept help from the most unexpected places?

Ozzie – Book 1

Ozzie believes if he ignores all the voices in his head then he’ll make it. He’ll be what everyone expects him to be: Hancock High’s football all-star. But when the chance comes for him to prove who he really is, he becomes numb and doesn’t care about who may be hurt, as long as the comments don’t attack him. But Ozzie’s silence begins to impact those around him. As Ozzie’s world begins to fall apart, the voices in his head remain strong. If he takes a stand for anything, will it even matter? Or worse, if he does speak, will he cause more harm than good?

  • Lexile Level: HL580L
  • Interest Level: Young Adult

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To Stand on Solid Ground: A Civil War Novel Based on Real People and Events

By Leslie Parker Borhaug and G. Keith Parker

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Based on real people and real events, To Stand on Solid Ground brings to life an unusual relationship between Confederate loyalists and Union sympathizers. The story is a deeply human take on the Civil War and the multiple battlefronts that challenged this mountain county and its people; struggles which our nation still faces today. To Stand on Solid Ground does more than merely report historical events; it transports the reader back in time to face the profound need to support each other in a time of intense polarity.  It offers insight, lessons and hope fitting to our current political divide.

Audience:  Adults/ Young Adult

Key descriptors:  Historical fiction, based on real people and events, Civil War, Appalachian Mountains, Reconstruction, split loyalties, slavery, coming of age, finding hope, applicable to current political tensions.

Book Summary:  As a nation faces civil war and slavery is on the risk of collapse, a mountain community must make difficult choices; ones that involve life or death. Ones that risk shattering the bonds between family and friends.

North Carolina secedes from the United States of America the same day Transylvania County is formed. It is the same day Robert Hamilton is appointed as its first sheriff.  Many in the community share Robert’s opposition to slavery and his public plea to avoid secession, but the call to fight for, and support, the South is louder and clearly expected.  Robert must find a way to uphold his oath as sheriff and be true to his conscience, even if it means bending the rules. Read more

The 2020 Award of Excellence Winner           – North Carolina Society of Historians

. . .thought provoking, educational, enthralling, haunting, deserving of a second read, and worthy of praise and recognition.

Not lost on the reader are stark parallels between the politics and divergent opinions and loyalties that tore at the fabric of society, even families, during the highly emotional and turbulent years of the Civil War and the civil unrest that challenges the foundational core of the United States today. 

North Carolina Society of Historians

With sparing language reflective of this hard time and the characters living through it, the reader’s plate is continuously filled with strong images spiced with emotions. The pace and timing are effortless.

Ben Onachila – prize-winning author


Sons of Mercy and Justice: A Transylvania Story

By G. Keith Parker and Leslie P. Borhaug

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Sons of Mercy and Justice: A Transylvania Story weaves past and present together leaving the reader with a delightful taste of the people who settled the North Carolina Mountains and their strength that still defines the region today.

Audience:  Adults/ Young Adult

Key Descriptors:  Historical fiction, based on real people and events, 1840’s through 1908 and present-day parallel story, Appalachian Mountains, bootlegging, fighting stereotyping and prejudice.

Book Summary:  The troublesome eighteen-hundreds seriously challenge the mountain folk of Western North Carolina.  The McGaha family is no exception and confronts the many trials with more kindness than most contemporaries.  Respected for his compassion for man and beast alike, Craf McGaha becomes known far and wide for his hospitality and mercy, especially when he and his wife set up a free weigh-station for the many drovers and their animals traveling along the turnpike on the way to market. Yet, in 1861 when Transylvania County is being newly formed, war erupts and Craf is forced into the Confederate army and he finds himself torn between fighting on the side of his conscience or on the side of his state. Read more

A North Carolina Society of Historians Award Winner

This is a magnificent story of the McGaha family and how they lived their lives in the mountains of Western North Carolina.  It describes their way of life in such a way that the reader is able to share their emotions in all different situations and at all levels.  Every now and then the story shocks us, surprises us, as something happens that was not expected . . . just as it happens in “real” life.

The book is set up where we are with the McGaha’s in one segment, Millie the next, McGaha, Millie, and so on; past present, etc.  We were taken in by both storylines, never bored . . . we didn’t have time to be!

North Carolina Society of Historians