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Hi-Lo Books for Struggling Readers and Multilingual Learners

Explore the effectiveness of high interest – low reading level books (hi-lo books) as they serve as a vital bridge to literacy for those facing reading challenges! Take a step towards enhancing reading skills and fostering a love for books. Dive into our collection of hi-lo books today!

My Easy Read Books

Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer a platform for producing and releasing top-notch high-interest, low reading level (hi-lo) books for children, youth, and adults. Our main goal is to offer captivating literature crafted with high-interest themes and accessible language, aimed at enhancing reading fluency. Struggling readers and multilingual learners deserve reading materials that respect their intelligence and ignite their passion for reading while building fluency. We firmly believe that hi-lo books should strike a delicate balance, being both easy to comprehend yet rich in content to engage readers and foster understanding.

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About Us

At My Easy Read Books, we recognize the importance of providing high-interest, low-reading level (hi-lo) books that cater to the intellectual needs of readers while ensuring comprehension. Our focus is on crafting intricate plots that captivate readers, where the emphasis shifts from “reading levels” to engaging characters and storylines.

At My Easy Read Books, we offer hope not only to struggling readers but also to educators and parents/guardians who are dedicated to nurturing reluctant readers’ success. Join us in transforming the reading experience for all learners. See our latest books