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Transform Teaching: Access Free Reading Guides for Hi-Lo Books in The Way I See It Series! Enhance Reading Skills Now!

We understand the importance of providing teachers with readily available resources to effectively incorporate high-interest, low-reading level (hi-lo) books into their classrooms. These resources are vital for addressing the needs of struggling readers and multilingual learners.

In support of educators, we’ve made available complimentary downloadable reading guides featuring the initial books from The Way I See It series. These resources are designed to enhance reading fluency and comprehension skills. Take advantage of these resources today!


Unlock the power of language with mini-glossaries included at the end of every trade book in The Way I See It series. Access these valuable resources today!

At the conclusion of each book in The Way I See It series, you will find mini-glossaries containing technical terms, text jargon, and slang, ensuring convenient reference for ESL educators and learners. Additionally, readers encounter opportunities to practice challenging words for enhanced decoding skills. Occasionally, more complex vocabulary is introduced for authenticity, but rest assured, it’s reinforced within the chapter, fostering immediate recognition and bolstering reading fluency—a crucial strategy for success.

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